Aus ILN und S.T.a.R. wird sim cargo

Gemeinsam sind wir stark: Mit diesem Grundsatz nimmt die Stückgutkooperation sim cargo GmbH ab dem 01.01.2020 ihre operative Tätigkeit auf. Das einzigartige TSP-Modell und das erprobte Hub-Modell kombinieren „best of both worlds“ in Einem. Mehr als 260 Stückgutspeditionen sind in der sim cargo Kooperation über ein…


UZK ab 01.05.2016

Logistic and organization are two most important things for successfully running a warehouse. Warehouse must be optimized for fast loading on the trucks and unloading from them on the arrival. There is no place for mistakes, because if one truck has to wait a minute too long, ten after them will have to wait as well. Just image what would happen if a cargo would get misplaced, or if it wouldn’t be accessible for forklift to pick it up.